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Solving Complex Problems Requires a Unique Perspective
To say that a modern enterprises are complex and challenging to manage is cliché.  Too often, the decisions about process change and information technology investments are made without all the necessary information. Fully informed decisions and a complete understanding of cause-effect relationships in the enterprise is impossible without an integrated picture representing the entire enterprise – something often called Enterprise Architecture.

What is Enterprise Architecture?
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the key tool for use in change management and decision support across an enterprise.  An Enterprise Architecture captures information about, among other things, the enterprise goals and strategies; business processes to achieve those goals and deliver the capabilities needed to execute the strategies; software and hardware resources to be employed in those processes; and the standards, laws, regulations and policies that govern how the processes are done and the performance and compliance requirements of the technical solutions.

Our product and service offerings include:

  • Enterprise Architecture Consulting and Mentoring
  • Enterprise Architecture Tool Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Enterprise Architecture Tool Bridges, Interfaces and enhancements
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UNICOM® System Architect courses available - Public and On-Site courses offered.

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